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Our Products

Lithkem and Lithkem Plus are lithium carbonate replacement for fast setting cement systems


LITHKEM and LITHKEM PLUS are based on blends of organometallic and metal salts which react synergistically to accelerate the hydration process of both the fast set cements (HAC & CSA) and the Portland cement. Lithium Carbonate reacts only with the fast set cements and does not react with Portland cement. This results in a large portion of the binder systems being unaffected and the action of standard accelerators being inefficient. LITHKEM accelerates the hydration process in all cements, making it a much more efficient accelerator with performance being proportional to dosage rate. This mechanism allows for fast setting properties as well as improved early age strengths.

LITHKEM is recommended for use in binder systems based on HAC/OPC

  • Recommended dosage rate: 0.1-0.5% on formulation weight.
  • Typical dosage is 0.15% and as a guide LITHKEM can be used as a direct replacement for Lithium Carbonate in terms of dosage rates.

LITHKEM PLUS is recommended for use in binder systems based on CSA/OPC

  • Recommended dosage rate: 0.1-0.5% on formulation weight.
  • Typical dosage is 0.15% and as a guide Lithkem Plus can be used as a direct replacement for Lithium Carbonate in terms of dosage rates.

CEMKEM Superplasticisers

Superplasticisers for mortar and concrete has three functionalities:

  • To create flowing, self-levelling properties without increasing water demand, without need to adjust cement content, without compromising strengths.

  • To produce workable, high-strength concrete and mortar through reduction in water demand and lower water-cement ratios.

  • Reduced cement content through reduction in both the water and cement contents while maintaining water-cement ratio and workability.

Superplasticisers on the CEMTEC range include:

SNF-A – Sulphonated Naphthalene formaldehyde superplasticiser for use in pourable grouts, bedding mortarsand semi-dry screeds.
KEMPLAST F-10 – Melamine Formaldehyde superplasticiser for use in self levelling screeds and concrete repair systems.
KEMPLAST 2000   – Polycarboxylate superplasticiser (PCE) recommended for use In self levelling screeds and high strength mortars.
KEMPLAST 3000   – Polyacrylate superplasticiser  recommended for use in self levelling screeds and high strength mortars.


  • Reduced bleed/segregation
  • Excellent flow
  • Increased slump retention
  • Higher early and ultimate strengths
  • High water reductions up to 40%
  • Faster drying times due to high water reduction
  • Reduced shrinkage


  • Pourable Grouts
  • Semi-dry floor screeds
  • Self levelling screeds
  • Self compacting concrete
  • Concrete repair

Our Expertise

Cemkem have over 40 years experience in the dry bagged and cementitious industries. We can draw on our experience to develop novel solutions to the issues faced by formulators today. Using state of the art lab facilities and our industry partners’ facilities we an offer a comprehensive portfolio of products that can be tailored to your needs. We compliment this with personable and efficient service and first class customer support from our location in the heart of the North west of England.

Cement Accelerators

Cement Accelerators

Liquid and Powder admixtures for the use in concrete, mortar, rendering or screeds. Our products are designed to ensure cost savings in production and improve the quality of the final product. Designed to accelerate the drying time of dry mortar products which will allow faster operator movement onto the substrate. Our unique formulations release water within the mixture quickening drying times and improving strength.

Efflorescence Reducing additives

Efflorescence Reducer

Efflorescence Reducing additives are used in mortar and concrete to reduce the formation of a white haze or chalky deposition on the surface, a phenomenon known as Efflorescence. Efflorescence forms as a result of concrete exposure to water and/or environmental conditions.

CEMKEM’s range of products work multi-functionally by chemically reacting with the free calcium hydroxide, thereby limiting the transport of calcium salts to the surface which cause primary efflorescence. Efficient waterproofing of the concrete and mortar also helps reduce water ingress which can lead to secondary efflorescence issues.

KEMSPERSE SRA Shrinkage reducing additives

KEMSPERSE SRA Shrinkage reducing additives

Shrinkage-reducing additives (SRA) can significantly decrease both the early and long-term drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar. This is achieved by counteracting the cause of drying shrinkage within the capillaries and pores of the cement paste by reducing capillary tension within the pore water which helps reduce both plastic and drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar by up to 50%.

Typical applications for our SRA additives includes self levelling floor compounds, repair mortars and precast concrete.

Water Repellents

Penetration of water and humidity into facades, buildings and architectural constructions consisting of mortar, concrete, natural stones or bricks is one of the major reasons for damages to their structure and substrate. Water causes damage through penetration into the concrete or mortar through the network of capillaries and pores that exist due to evaporation of water during the curing process.

CEMKEM’s range of liquid and powder water repellents can be added integrally and these react with calcium hydroxide within the cement phase to form capillary pore blockers which inhibit the transportation of water. They also coat the pores and capillaries with a hydrophobic coating.

Our range includes water repellents based on metallic soaps and organo-functional silane technology.


CEMKEM’s range of set retarding additives are novel blends of water soluble organic powders that delay the setting time of cement in order to make it more workable for longer periods. When in solution, the retarder molecule is adsorbed onto the cement particle.

Water Retaining Additives (WTA)

CEMKEM’s range of water retaining additives have been developed to overcome the excessive absorption levels of bricks and blocks used in modern construction.

Typically, water absorption levels of up to 30% in a brick or block and lead to issues on building sites where water is rapidly “sucked” out of the mortar in the joints.

If there is insufficient water within the mortar then this leads to poor hydration of the cement resulting in poor strengths and friable mortar

CEMKEM’s range of WTA additives has been designed to counteract the absorption of the bricks and blocks and allows many more courses to be laid and pointed without the mortar prematurely drying, avoiding problems with weak mortar joints and poor finishing