Shrinkage Reducing Additives

Shrinkage-reducing additives (SRA) can significantly decrease both the early and long-term drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar. This is achieved by counteracting the cause of drying shrinkage within the capillaries and pores of the cement paste by reducing capillary tension within the pore water which helps reduce both plastic and drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar by up to 50%
Typical applications for our SRA additives includes self levelling floor compounds, repair mortars and precast concrete

TenSil P 80

TenSil P80 is a powder additive based on glycol in a inorganic carrier anti-shrinkage agent for cementitious formulations

TenSil P80 is suitable as Anti-Shrinkage agent for the following applications: * Self Levelling compound *Cementitious mortars Floor Screeds * Industrial flooring * Powder Paints and resins

Properties: – Excellent Anti-shrinkage properties * Reduces drying shrinkage * Increases crack resistance * Coalescent effect * Alkaline stable

Description: TenSil P80 is formulated for reducing shrinkage and crack in cementitious systems (mainly Portland based cement). It is suggested for use in dry mixtures which are to be blended with water for final application, in this way Tensil P80 controls the loss of water during drying, providing excellent surface finish, without cracking due to very low drying shrinkage and low plastic shrinkage. TenSil P80 also improves resistance to chloride ion diffusivity and also can acts like coalescent in powder paints and for redispersible polymer powders.

Instructions for use in Construction material: TenSil P80 is easy mixing in dry mixture and is usually added at 0,5 to 3% based on total weight to obtain anti-shrink effect in mortars and screeds. Paints and Resins: For coalescent effect TenSil P80 can be added in drymixing with Dry Paints or Redisperdible powders at dosage of 0,1-0,2%.