The team here at The Rakem Group are pleased to introduce our sister company – Cemkem Ltd.

Cemkem are a leading company specialising in Lithkem and Lithkem Plus which are the Lithium Carbonate replacement for fast setting cement systems.

Based in Bury, Cemkem is officially launching its new website today, which is packed full of information on all its products – all manufactured here in the UK for supply to the dry bagged mortar industry and other associated construction related industries.

Staff at Cemkem can offer expert technical advice and support – they are a team with over 50 years’ of experience in the construction and associated industries

Just as with Rakem Ltd and Maker Industrial, Cemkem has a growing reputation as a specialist company working to formulate and meet customer’s requirements or to solve fast setting issues with the outstanding Lithkem and Lithkem Plus.

These products are based on blends of organometallic and metal salts which react synergistically to accelerate the hydration process of both the fast set cements (HAC & CSA) and the Portland cement.

Eugene Rafferty, Managing Director of Cemkem said that the company will continue to grow and develop industry-related products specifically tailored to customer’s needs.

He said: “This is a very exciting time for The Rakem Group, we have a great complimentary range of products dedicated to the cement and construction industries. We are absolutely determined to keep on developing new products that create efficiency in our customer’s systems enabling them to save time and money.

“We have a growing reputation as an innovative company that can formulate products to meet customer’s requirements or solve product related issues.”

Combining Cemkem’s close partnership with Rakem and its sister company Maker Industrial, the trio form The Rakem Group and currently serve over 400 customers with in excess of 50,000 tonnes of product in bulk, palletised or liquid deliveries, worldwide.

Cemkem Director, Damian Baxendale, joined the company recently and said that The Rakem Group are leading the way with their innovative products.

Cemkem Director Damian Baxendale

Damian is himself, an expert within the industry and has over 25 years of experience in the construction chemical industry. Speaking of his appointment at The Rakem Group, Damian said: “Working with the wider group enables me to discuss a more comprehensive range of products than I have ever done before.

“I am very excited for the future and to be involved with such a dynamic and well established group of companies.”

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