Water Repellents

Penetration of water and humidity into facades, buildings and architectural constructions consisting of mortar, concrete, natural stones or bricks is one of the major reasons for damages to their structure and substrate. Water causes damage through penetration into the concrete or mortar through the network of capillaries and pores that exist due to evaporation of water during the curing process.

Our range includes water repellents based on metallic soaps and organo-functional silane technology.


Esasil® 303P is a water-proofing powder siloxane for dry mortar applications

Applications: Esasil® 303P is a high quality powder siloxane when added to the dry mix mortar, masonry mortar, concrete or hydrated lime produces a very high level of water repellence. Esasil® 303P is used in systems where the use of liquid water repellents is not suitable: * Tile Grouts * Tile Adhesives * External Renders and Plasters * Internal plasters * Concrete repair products * Precast concrete * Ready-mixed lime and concrete It can be also used as a powder water-repellent for the production of external paints (synthetic resins and lime based paints). In applications such as tile grouts, external renders and concrete repair it’s possible to use a lower cost multi-purpose redispersible powder polymer at 2% instead of the more expensive hydrophobic redispersible polymer powders, normally used in a 3-4 %. Blending a multipurpose redispersible pwder polymer at 2% and Esasil® 303P at 0,2%, produces a better water repellency as well as a lowering the cost of the final formulation. The excellent resistance to alkalis in ready-mixed products make the Esasil® 303P really effective for use in highly alkaline material pH 9 (fresh concrete). Concrete and ready-mixed products formulated with ESASIL® 303P show a very low level of water absorbtion and therefore an effective and long lasting water resistance. When added to concrete and mortar products, Esasil® 303P reacts with the atmosphere creating a waterproof barrier against the atmospheric agents (rain and acid rain) without forming films that obstruct the substrate transpiration and permitting then the passage of gases and water vapour. Avoiding the rain permeability, the applied concrete or mortar is protected from cracking due to actions of freeze thaw cycles, and enviromentals issues caused acid rain and pollution, humidity, microorganism and corrosive substances that the rain conveys.

Instructions of use ESASIL® 303P is normally mixed with other powders ( lime, concrete, sand) in the production of dry mortars, and it can also be added at the end of the process during mixing. A really effective and long lasting waterproofing affect can be achieved with a 0,2-0,8% addition depending on the weight of the product. It is recommended to carry out lab tests to achieve optimum performance against dosage.