Skudo products are now available in Europe.

for reliable temporary surface protection

Building on a decade of success in the USA working with multinational construction companies on high-profile projects, Skudo has responded to demand for its high-quality temporary protection for most substrates during commercial and industry construction and refit projects.

The Skudo range of temporary surface protection and safety products protect valuable substrates against machinery and foot traffic, paint spatter, dropped tools and the general wear and tear of a building site. Skudo saves valuable time and money in repairs at a project’s end, all while protecting workers and visitors from slip or trip hazards on site.

With a focus on safety, Skudo products are anti-bacterial, fire-rated, slip rated, spill proof, impact resistant and UV stable, which demonstrates our commitment to protecting every aspect of a project.

Unlike its competitors, such as taped-down or loose cardboard, plastic or wood products, Skudo products temporarily adhere to the surface they are protecting, ensuring no grit, grime or liquids penetrate through the surface below. Then it simply peels off once the project is complete.

Skudo has a strong presence at international trade shows such as World of Concrete in Las Vegas, recognised for its innovation and fit-for-purpose products with a vast array of industry and peer-voted Awards.

Skudo is excited to present its proven current product range to the dynamic and diverse markets of Europe. We believe our products are relevant to the European market and we plan to release a host of innovative products as we gain traction in the various regions.

HT Commercial System

HI Tack Mat

MT Commercial System

Skudo Cure

Board HT

All Terrain Mat

LT Tack Mat

Carpet cover

HT Tack Mat

Glass Advanced


The Skudo range of temporary protection aims to address the main issues in construction that generally arise through tight deadlines, budgets and competing priorities with various trades on site. Substrates and surfaces such as Concrete, Marble, Stone, Hardwood, Tile and Glass take a beating from contact with machinery, foot traffic and construction materials that can crack, dent, scratch, spatter or stain the surface.

The Skudo Group is a family owned and operated group of companies founded in Australia in 2004 by the Bone family. Initially established as an offshoot from their successful decorative coatings company, Skudo was created after identifying a genuine opportunity within the construction sector associated with temporary protection. Skudo subsequently developed a range of unique temporary coatings which has continued to grow in diversity and improvements.

Since its inception Skudo has grown rapidly and currently operates in many markets throughout the world under its own brand or through I.P. licensing and other generically branded trade names.

Skudo Group have developed a number of patent pending systems and continue to grow its R&D and Product Innovation program.

The Skudo team is committed to offering industry leading, innovative solutions for tough protection challenges.

Over the past decade, Skudo products have won a host of awards in both the construction and marine sectors, recognised for their innovation, safety and cost-saving properties.

The pioneering Skudo System was recognized by the Construction industry at the 2011 World of Concrete expo as the Most Innovative Product of that year.

Tack-Mat also was named as one of the most Innovative Products by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and won a Most Innovative Product Award at the 2015 World of Concrete Expo.

Injuries can occur onsite when visitors or contractors slip or trip on inferior temporary floor coverings such as plastic sheeting and paper.

Skudo Mat products provide a non-slip and seamless surface on which to work, creating a safer environment and clear ‘path’ for all personnel. These heavy duty products can take exposure to the elements, dirt, machinery and foot traffic, and can be hosed down to clean.


Skudo’s vision is to be the global leader in temporary protection and safety systems for the construction and marine Industries. Skudo aims to also be a leader in specialist adhesive systems and continue to identify opportunities that require simple, innovative solutions whilst maintaining a strong, environmentally responsible position on every product we develop.

Our integrity to the market and to our business partners is a very strong focus as we believe collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships are vital for us to flourish.

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