Founded in 1969, PROQUICESA is one of the few companies in the world entirely devoted to the development, manufacturing, and sale of additives for the cement industry.

Such full grade of specialization has made possible to channel all of our efforts and resources to that specific field, what gives us a sound knowledge of cement manufacturing technology and cement additives. Thanks to it we can provide the cement producers with an expert consultancy and technical assistance, and we can offer to theme one of the most comprehensive and qualified range of cement additives of the market, fully guarantying the meeting of their needs and the attainment of their most demanding objectives.

Nowadays PROQUICESA is the leading supplier of cement additives in Spain and Portugal, being a top innovative manufacturer of cement additives, successfully positioned among the ones that mark the technological vanguard in this field, and regularly supplies its products to some of the world wide leader cement groups.

PROQUICESA has two production plants, both located in Fuenlabrada, at 17 Km of distance of the business center of Madrid by the highway A-42, and around 20´ far from the international airport of Madrid-Barajas, in one of the largest industrial areas of Spain and of the EU.

These plants gather outstanding logistic conditions for the terrestrial transportation of goods to wherever place in Europe. So, its privileged location makes possible a fast and easy connection with the main highways and railway lines of Spain, favoring a top efficient supply of our additives, as well as the reception of all kind of raw materials.

Nowadays these two plants have a combined production capacity of 35000 metric tonnes per year (enlargeable), housing a permanent stock of 1000 tonnes of final products (cement additives), in addition to a large stock of the different raw materials employed in our production processes.

In one of these plants are sited our laboratories of physical trials and chemical tests, both of them are modern facilities fully equipped for the implementation of our tasks of quality control and R&D. Integrated in the mentioned laboratory of physical trials is our Cement Pilot Plant, designed for the manufacturing of all kind of cements starting from the original materials of the customers (cement plants); clinker, gypsum, reactive additions, and fillers.

The activity of these two production centers are coordinated from our Headquarter, near Madrid, where is carried the global management of the company.

Standard Grinding Aids

PROQUICESA´s ADITOR® M additives increase production of the mills, between a 10% and a 20%, based on the type of cement and the characteristics of the raw materials, as well as on the dosage, and on the characteristics of plant´s equipment.
Provide a remarkable increase of the cement fluidity, notably reducing the tendency to agglomeration of the particles of this material, and the adherences to balls (coating), internals of the mill, silos, etc. It will favor the later tasks of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc., making it more easy and profitable.

Optimize the granulometry of the cement (particles size distribution), which is translated in slight increases of its compressive strengths.
They improve the reological characteristics of the mortars and concretes elaborated with those cements, allowing lower water-cement ratios. And increase the compactness of these mortars and concretes, reducing its permeability to the water, improving its performance against ice (freeze-thaw cycles), and enlarging its durability.

Early Strength Enhancers

In the context of our product line of cement strengths enhancers, in the last years there have acquired special relevance those ones which perform with special intensity on cement early strengths (PROQUICESA’s ADITOR® R).

These additives provide increases of up to 6 MPa (at 2 days), based on its dosage, type of cement and raw materials employed (CK, GYP, additions), and plant´s characteristics and equipment.

Moreover, these additives remarkably improve the grinding process performance, by increasing mills output and providing important energy costs savings, and increase the fluidity of the cement, making more easy and profitable the operations of pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading, etc.
Finally, the use of these additives will improve as well the reological characteristics of the mortars and concretes elaborated with those cements, allowing lower water-cement ratios, increasing its compactness, reducing its permeability to the water, and extending its life.

Speciality Additives

Based on the firm intention of provide the demands of our customers, PROQUICESA has developed in recent years a line of additives specialty beyond the grinding aids and strength enhancers. These additives are able to improve other properties that may be particularly interesting for certain applications or specific locations. This new line includes the following additives:

Modifiers setting times: able to accelerate or retard the setting of cement.
Hexavalent chromium reducer: reduce the content of Cr (VI) in cement by reduction to Cr (III).
Air-entrainers for mortar cement: promoting air entrainment in cement in the form of microscopic bubbles.

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