Polymer Emulsions & Specialty Chemicals

Starting its journey in 1924 as a chemicals trader, today, with over 90 years of experience in the chemicals industry, we have been providing solutions to a variety of markets and applications utilizing different technologies. Our manufacturing and service locations enable us to serve our customers all around the world.

We have been employing the power of science and customer intimacy since our humble beginnings and we started our polymer emulsions production in 1965 with this notion.

Besides our Istanbul polymer emulsions plant with 120,000 tpa production capacity, we invested in a new plant with an 80,000 tpa production capacity in Rotterdam in 2007. With our perpetual ambition to grow our business, we increased our production capacity over 30 times in the past 30 years to reach 200,000 tpa. Serving more than 2,000 customers in over 80 countries, Orgal® is the brand that customers know and trust when it comes to polymer emulsions.

Leveraging our expertise in liquid polymer emulsions, Organik Redispersible Powders, ORP®, was established in 2011 with a diverse range of products in powder form to address the needs of the construction chemicals industry. Our redispersible powder polymer plant with 20,000 metric tons of production capacity was built in Tuzla, Istanbul to fulfill this mission.

Our Tuzla plant investment also includes hotmelt production with a capacity of 12,000 metric tons to serve the industrial adhesives market.

Construction Solutions

In the ever changing and demanding construction market, innovative solutions, product quality and fast delivery to the market have been integral to respond to the market needs. Organik Kimya, supplying polymer emulsions to various markets since 1965, established a dedicated “Construction Solutions” business unit to better answer the needs of this industry. With its dedicated Research & Development, Sales, Marketing and Technical Solutions Teams, Organik Kimya’s Construction Solutions Business Unit understands and delivers customer expectations.

The dedicated Research & Development and Commercial Teams have also been crowned with the inauguration of redispersible powder polymer plant. Today, Organik Kimya Construction Solutions Business Unit supplies the market with polymer emulsions, redispersible powder polymers and specialty additives.

Polymer Emulsions

Offering a wide array of styrene, vinyl acetate and acrylic chemical compositions, Organik Kimya Construction Solutions offers innovative solutions with various polymerization technologies for the cementitious and dispersion based construction chemicals markets.

Redispersible Powder Polymers

Construction Solutions provides solutions in carbon rich monomer combinations of vinyl versatate and acrylics that highlight properties such as water resistance, saponification resistance and flexibility.

Specialty Additives

Acrylic associative and non-associative rheology modifiers specifically are designed for fullfilling different application rheology requirements of different markets. Dispersion agents, both ammonia or sodium based salts, are able to work with different dispersing systems and chemistries. Rheology modifiers and dispersion agents are used in both dispersion based and liquid components of 2K Cementitious Systems.

Technical Solution Partnership Approach

Construction Solutions has dedicated synthesis and application laboratories within Organik Kimya’s Research & Development Center. With state of the art equipment, Construction Solutions Laboratories are able to performe all application and analysis tests in accordance with the regional and international standards. Customer intimacy and solving customer needs is of utmost importance to Construction Solutions; therefore, joint projects and testing for customers at the laboratories are executed with much diligence.

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