Lightweight Fillers

CEMKEM are UK and Ireland agent and distributor for Poraver® lightweight filler.

Poraver® expanded glass beads are manufactured using a special self-developed process. 30 years ago Dennert Poraver was the first producer to manufacture industrially expanded glass granulate from post-consumer recycled glass. The cullet is finely ground, mixed and formed to granules. After this the raw grain is getting sintered and foamed (expanded) in the rotary kiln. This process creates lightweight spheres with a fine closed cellular pore structure. At the end the creamy white granules are sieved into the specific grain sizes from 0.04 mm to 4 mm and filled in different packaging units

Curious about how Poraver can help you?

Poraver creamy white mineral lightweight aggregate with bulk densities starting from 190 kg/m³ is available in different grain sizes from 0.04 mm to 4 mm. Poraver® offers many opportunities for optimising products to make them lighter, more yielding, easier to use or more environmentally friendly. Poraver® is versatile for many applications thanks to its unique combination of beneficial properties:

•low density and high pressure-resistance
•health-friendly material
•odour-neutral & no VOCs
•excellent thermal insulating properties
•excellent sound absorption properties
•insensitive to heat and cold
•colour creamy white

The raw material for Poraver®

The widely available raw material for Poraver® is post-consumer recycled glass. In Germany this valuable raw material is collected by a nearly perfect recycling system. For technical reasons not all cullet can be utilised by the glass industry to manufacture new products. Poraver® utilises this cullet, closes a gap in the recycling process and protects at the same time natural resources.

Its numerous benefits make Poraver® expanded glass granulate a proven lightweight aggregate in advanced building products and industrial goods. Among others, it is used as a lightweight aggregate in dry mortar, tile adhesive, lightweight concrete, acoustic and lightweight boards, mineral casting or as thermal insulation material. Poraver is the filler of choice if you are looking for a solution to make your product more lightweight, more yielding, more environment-friendly or simply better

A sustainable and healthy material

Whether in everyday life, in research and science, in modern architecture or in future industries – glass is an essential part of our everyday lives. Glass is a solidified material from a liquid melting. The material glass is made exclusively from natural or nature-identical inorganic raw materials and combines many positive and useful properties. Poraver® combines these positive characteristics with those of a lightweight aggregate in an ecological product.