Grinding Aids

Grinding aids are used to improve the production efficiency of cement grinding plants and their energy consumption. In addition, these products enhance the granulometry as well as powder flowability of the finished cement.

ADITOR® M additives will increase production rate of the mill, between 10 and 20 percent. Based on the type of cement and the characteristics of the raw materials. As well as the dosage and characteristics of  the plant´s equipment.

Provides a significant increase of cement powder fluidity. Reducing  agglomeration of the particles and the adherence’s to balls (coating), mill and silos.  It will improve pumping, pneumatic transportation, silos loading and unloading. In turn making it more efficient and profitable.

Aditor R increases strength up to 6 MPa (at 2 days), based on dosage, type of cement, raw materials employed (CK, GYP, additions), plant characteristics and equipment.

Improving the grinding process, by increasing mill output and providing important energy costs savings. Increasing the fluidity of the cement.

Aditor R improves the rheological characteristics of  mortars and concrete, allowing lower water-cement ratios, increasing its compactness, reducing its permeability to the water and extending its life.

PROQUICESA have formulated an additive reducer of Cr(VI) in cements, it’s characteristics and benefits turn to it in one of the most advantageous and profitable options of the market. ADITOR® Cr-10 is a low viscosity liquid product, suitable for bulk supply, that can be dosed in the entrance of the mill, not needing special equipment for its unloading, transfer, and storage.

ADITOR® Cr-10 is effective with all cements, at low dose: between 150 and 180 ppm of additive per each ppm of Cr(VI), depending on the characteristics of the cement.

ADITOR® J has been specially designed to control the cement setting, accelerating or delaying its initial time.They also have a beneficial effect on the cement hydration, reducing the water cement ratio.

Grinding aids modifiers of the setting times, also marked by the highest quality standards of quality like the rest of our products, have arisen as result of research projects started at the request of certain customers to meet targets of various kinds: provide specific qualities their cements, save certain technical conditions, etc.